Yoga boot camps, retreats and holidays

Yoga boot camp and retreats

Travel has always been considered nutrition for the mind and spirit of who undertakes it and this is exactly what Styleoga® retreats and travel are:  Nutrition for our  body and mind.  Our retreats exciting and effective because they allow you to restore your body and mind through a personalised program that consists of daily training, healthy eating and excursions.  You will feel at home in a familiar and welcoming environment guided and followed by professional coaches and experts.  Our retreat houses are private family households offering comfortable spaces and private rooms, holistic studio, yoga and training area, kitchen and lounge rich in souvenirs from all over the world, these houses are always located in beautiful villages/towns surrounded by greenery and nature.

Thanks to the coach hosts, you can share experiences, life stories and anecdotes, learn new things, and put your body and mind into a wellness level never reach before.

Why choose our retreats or vacations ?

The answer is very easy: you will train constantly, eat healthy and good, visit marvellous places and uncontaminated areas, and most of all live a once in a lifetime unique experience. Our training is usually done all outdoors, amongst woods, mountains, waterfalls or sea you will also create a beautiful relationship with nature; furthermore nutrition is one of the strong points of this experience, you will taste local typical products and specialities, with locally/personally grown genuine fresh ingredients and you will learn that taking care of your body does not necessarily mean sacrifice taste.  Our coaches are international professionals with over a decade of experience they will guide you and support you in every step and moment even when your vacation will be over.

You will see countries and places with a different point of view, getting close to the local cultures, respecting places and people all this while following your STYLEOGA program to improve your life, your body and your mind, you will not be a tourist but a CITIZEN of the world.

Travelling with us means living a unique and exciting experience that you will carry with you all your life, thanks to the people you will meet the activities you will do and the places you will visit, you will realise that there are many people with whom you can enjoy yourself and many others who are different and like being seen in a more respectful and relaxed way.

You will become part of a group of incredible people who want to give and get the most out of themselves.