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What are the symptoms of blood full of waste and how do we clean it up

What are the symptoms of blood full of waste & how do we clean it up.

Renew blood & anti-bodies with the correct foods!

Once in a while we must clean & oxygenize our blood from waste, in order to restore the energy in our organs & immune defenses, sheltering ourselves from infections, fatigue & viral disorders.

After a period with an irregular diet, made from an excess of food or medicine, there is an increase in the viscosity of our blood, fat & toxins contained, this leads to a reduction of oxygenization of body tissue, causing inflammations, viral disorders & loss of energy.  Blood loaded with toxins leads to a series of disorders such as::

  • diabetes
  • hypercholesterolemia
  • overweight
  • rheumatism
  • liver disease
  • heart disease

Blood carries out two fundamental functions:

  1. Transports oxygen & other substances (nutrients, hormones etc) to the cells
  2. Removes carbon dioxide & waste from the tissue

it is therefore the fuel that gives energy to the whole body & if it is clean it allows us to be in good health & have energy, whereas if it is “dirty” it can contaminate all our organs.

There are some indicators that help us understand if our blood is loaded with waste & therefore “dirty” & if we come across 2 or 3 of the followiing symptoms than it is ideal to start a purifying diet immediately:

  • You feel tired already in the morning & as the afternoon comes it gets worse arriving to the evening where you are completely exhausted
  • you get nervous very easily
  • you often suffer from a cold
  • you often suffer from cough with great mucus production
  • you are ill very often
  • difficulty in digestion
  • frequent abdominal swelling
  • frequent articular pains
  • you often feel very tired & have difficulty in memorizing things
  • you suffer particulary from allergies & inflammation


In the case of “dirty” blood these are the foods that must be avoided:

-meat & animal fat (helps liver & bowel)

-salt must be reduced to the minimum (kidneys)

-reduce the consumption of tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines & capsicum because they help release histamine an allergenic substance

-refined cereals (their high glycemic index boosts the bllod sugar level)

-alcohol & white sugar (we can replace it with honey or agave juice)


  • ROCKET SALAD & SPINACH, rich in vitamin C & antioxidant
  • CHICORY & NETTLES, very powerful DETOX, rich in iron, potassium, vitamin C & chlorophyll
  • AGRETTI & KIWI, remove triglycerides, purify blood.
  • FRESH LEMON JUICE, contrasts acidosis alkalizing our blood & therefore purifying us from toxins through our kidneys
  • WATERCRESS SHOOTS, clean our arteries thanks to their Omega 3 content
  • BEETS & LEEKS, rich in sulphur they stimulate the production of anti-bodies
  • LUPIN BEANS & BROAD BEANS, digestible & rich in fibre
  • WALNUTS & SEEDS, rich in vitamin E, ecxcellent anti-oxidants
  • GINGER & CORIANDER, purify, fight inflammation & cholesterol, rich in vitamin C

By assuming these foods we perform two significative actions:

  1. detoxifying
  2. restorative

Therefore from one side they remove all the waste & toxins from our blood & on the other they provide us with iron, sulphur, vitamin C, chlorophyll etc, which revitalize the production of red blood cells & improve the efficiency of our immune system.

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