Health & Well-Being

Styleoga® offers personal growth, health & welfare training courses.  The single courses are divided in growth seminars & workshops, where the participants will receive  first hand information & real life experiences from professionals qualified in the subjects treated.  At the end of these courses each participant will receive a Styleoga® participation recognition award.  These courses are very useful not only for personal growth but also for who would like to discover either new or rediscover old interests.  Our courses are aimed towards personal welfare.

Our training courses instead, are intended for those who wish to promote total psychophysical well-being, & to find the right fundamental balance between body & mind.  The health & well-being promoted by us goes through, healthy eating, physical activity, an active lifestyle, natural remedies & most of all personal care.  Each person taking up these types of courses will be certified according to grade & level.

  • Naturopathy,
  • Natural Remedies,
  • Bowel cleansing,
  • Phytotherapy,
  • Nutrition,
  • Styleoga Instructors,
  • Stress Management,
  • Meditation,
  • Relaxation


Life Coaching

Our Life Coaching courses Lead to an affascinating but most of all positive vision of life.  These courses are either for personal growth or actual career training courses, were each partcipant will either receive a partcipation recognition award or an actual certification according to the type of path chosen, however these awards & certifications will be released by Styleoga® intenational registered trademark.

These courses are very important for everyday life, but also for our career & relationships.  How many of us feel unsatisfied & empty at the end of the day, or maybe after working so hard we feel as if all was done in vain or as if we did nothing at all?  And how many of us see everything black and seem never to see the solution to anything even for the most trivial or insignificant issues?  This is why these courses are indispensable in order to learn how to manage stress, have a positive approach towards situations, live more at ease, through mental training we will learn how to focus better on our goals without wasting any of our resources & reach them in no time with the least effort.

  • Life Coaching,
  • Mental Training,
  • Stress Management,
  • Positive Thinking,
  • Develop your full Potential


The management courses are mainly career related, but are also useful for everyday life, because we will learn how to explore our full potential, and this can only help us also on a personal level.  We will infact gain more confidence in ourselves, by optimizing our capabilities, becoming our own coach, would also help us face in a better way any situation.  How many of us work so hard but still do not obtain any results or recognition?  Infact we have created courses in self management to be able to face these situations & make sure that they don’t repeat themselves anymore, we will learn how to manage our time & improve our capabilities.  There is no need to work too much & too long if we learn how to work Inteliigently without wasting time & resources but it is also important to learn how to present ourselves, how to sell ourselves, our ideas, & our plans,but also handle better situations, stress & daily issues.

  • Stress Management,
  • Become your own coach,
  • Improve your productivity,
  • Explore your full Potential,
  • Team Building,
  • Develop your Leadership Skills