benefici della meditazione

Scientifically proven benefits of meditation


We constantly keep repeating that meditation is good for us and those who practice regularly know what we are talking about, but finally we also have numerous scientific studies in support of this theory.

The recent scientific researches demonstrate in fact, how the constant practice of meditation leads to the production of a series of psychophysical changes. In the affective neuroscience laboratory of Wisconsin in the United States they have been carrying out research for years in this area and they proven that at cerebral level an increase of concentration and intensification of the activities of the area of the brain responsible for creativity have been seen.


Meditating regularly therefore develops a greater production of endocrine and also a reduction of the stress hormone, the famous cortisol (the one that also makes us gain weight). Moreover also the sleep hormone melatonin is adjusted, which regulates the biological rhythms and allows us to remain healthy longer (Sleeping well in fact is one of the secrets for a good and healthy life).

There has also been a rebalancing of serotonin, defined as the powerful natural antidepressant, the famous hormone of happiness and here is explained why those who meditate constantly and regularly perceive greater serenity and joy. The emotions are reinforced, as meditation develops new neuronal patterns. This means that the old habits and the old behaviour oriented to anger and agitation are replaced with more positive patterns towards joy and peace. Also a reduction of anxiety is perceived.

Meditation therefore allows us to see reality as it really is without our negative filters. We are therefore able to think and act with greater clarity.

Studies have also shown how meditation affects the metabolic processes.

Through meditation breathing slows down and becomes much more calm, relaxed and this also helps to reduce the consumption of oxygen.

Moreover the cardiac frequency smooths out.

There is then also a reduction of body temperature, that is why almost everyone will suggest to cover youself during your practice.

These studies also show that in order to observe and perceive the first real changes on the psychophysical area you must meditate for at least eight weeks, everyday for at least thirty minutes.

The secret of wellbeing is therefore in constancy and discipline; meditation helps to train the mind and this in turn produces transformations at neurological level. The transformations which in turn have beneficial effects on the biochemical and physiological areas.

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