What is Mental Training?

Mental training is a strategy used by mental coaches to help us improve our performance, be it sports related, work related, family related or other.  A Styleoga® Mental coach or trainer is capable of making us develop our skills, maximize them, explore our full potential, & hence lead us to the right decisions & improve in performance & personal satisfaction, reaching our goals in less time & with least effort.  Its not about training, but learnig the rigt method & correct techniques, manage our time correctly & improve our productivity without consuming & wasting all our energy.  Working hard does not necessarily mean obtaining better results, but working intelligently yes!  But to do this we need certain, strategy, method & technique once obtained these we will improve any situation or activity.

Styleoga® uses 2 main principles for Mental Training which are:

  • Emotion & Character
  • Effort & Capabilities

mental training

During the first phase based on emotion & character, we will learn when & how to use our emotions to get the best out of every situation also managing our character in a favourable way.  During the second phase called Effort & Capabilities or potential, we will Show our “teeth” Explore & develop our full potential & use the right amount of effort required for a certain situation obtaining better results & reaching our goals.

No Matter at what stage you are in life there is always room for improvement & it is never too late to start!

We have helped Sports champions, Managers, employees, Company owners & directors, & also housewives willing to challenge themselves.  Our team of professionals will be able to analise your situation & offer you a personalised solution, support & lead you to achieve your goals.

Why choose Styleoga®?

Well, apart that our methods are tested & proven, together we can conquer anything!!