Welcome to our Website, Styleoga srls® is an exciting project that takes care of psychophysical wellbeing and does it all over the world talking about HOW TO EAT HEALTHY, HOW TO STAY IN SHAPE by giving you all the tools required to remain active and positive even with our CYT training, i.e. Certified Yoga Teacher programs, for those who want to become yoga teachers, yoga enthusiasts who just wish to relax and enjoy a wonderful retreat and also through our Naturopathy masters courses. We are yogis, travellers, people, we are citizens of the world, but imagine a world that is more free, pacific, serene and especially in health with a slower rhythm and that is on a human scale and according to nature’s rythms too. Therefore visitor welcome in our site, you will find a blog with articles to deepen knowledge, you will find the pages on the courses we offer and you will also find who we are and what they say about us, but above all you will take a self-discovering journey.



Styleoga® was born almost 10 years ago thanks to 10 fool guys who wanted promote yoga, healthy nutrition and travels sharing the idea of Antonia and Luigi:young travelers, yogini and nature’s lovers; In 2015 styleoga® became also a REGISTERED TRADE MARK and Today we have yoga teacher training programs, yoga retreats, and much more!

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Useful news about India

Useful news about India When we speak about India we hear so many things…there are...

Useful news about India
4 popular questions yoga beginners ask about yoga breathi


4 popular questions yoga beginners ask about yoga breathing exercises
How to carry out Sasangasana

 HOW TO CARRY OUT SASANGASANA Sasangasana or Rabbit pose! In sanskrit, sasanga means “rabbit” and asana “pose

How to carry out Sasangasana

Styleoga ® specifically takes care of:

– SCHOOL OF YOGA With courses and holidays for enthusiasts and with a training program to become an internationally certified yoga teacher.

NUTRITION, Through a tested and certified method that shows you how to eat healthy, how to take care of yourself through a healthy diet without compromising on everything and also thanks to the help of NATUROPATHY. Through naturopathy we find a contact with ourselves and with nature preventing many ailments thanks to alternative remedies and rediscovering a moment of reflection with ourselves to learn to how nourish our own mind. And as our ancestors claimed “MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO” and in this site you will find everything you need to start feeling better, living better, to improve every aspect of your life. And last but not least there is our BLOG, where you will find useful tips, generic mealplans, explanations of difficult terms, but also training, exercises, and low-fat (shape keeping) recipes. The Styleoga® blog reveals the secrets of a lifestyle aiming to live better and be better whatever your current condition or your current mistakes. Learn how to eat healthy, how to train effectively, how to feed your mind, how not to break down by anxiety and stress and if you want you can also become a certified yoga teacher. Everything now depends on you! Enjoy reading and enjoy life and if you have any questions please contact us or follow us on the social media under the name Styleoga®.

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