We are all looking for the winning secret, the secret that allows us to live well in a society that is obsessed by weight, money, stress, race to work and so on.  But does this secret exist?  Yes indeed and it is KNOWING OURSELVES AND OUR BODY and really take good care of both.  How can we do it?  First of all we must lead a healthy lifestyle, dedicated to sports, eating well and feeding our mind.  In our site you will find useful advice and suggestions on how to live better and in a healthy manner.  Styleoga will reveal all the secrets of an actual lifestyle, which has as its base ones personal welfare this philosophy will teach you how to enjoy life to its fullest.  Keep in shape, feel good both physically and mentally, handle positively personal and work relations, focus on your goals, these are all challenges that will have to be faced by your mind and body and it is actually on them that you must rely.  How does Styleoga® do all this?  We do this through 2 sectors, one is training be it personal of business related through courses, seminars, life and mental coaching and the other sector is the practical part on how to eat in a healthy and correct manner, training in the ideal way without stressing your body and curing yourself through natural remedies.

Exploiting your potential to its fullest and increasing your performance in sports, work, relations is possible through a specific training method.  It is possible through our Stress Management and Life Coaching methods, were you will learn how to get to know yourself better, focus on your goals and develop your incredible potential.  You will learn neuro-linguistic programming, which will help you handle better both personal and work relations through specific exercises that will help you overcome in best of ways everyday life situations.  You will learn how to look at things from a completely different view and handle situations in a winning manner.

For those who would like to use it Styleoga has put together an innovative and proven training method, that helps obtain a healthy body and mind.  Thanks to this method put together in a completely natural way, through a mixture of oriental arts, yoga and fitness, you will see how easy it is to keep in shape or lose weight without needing to follow any strict diet, or spending lots of boring hours working out in a gym.  With this guaranteed method you will experiment aimed fitness exercises, tai chi, yoga, meditation, relaxation and much more, these will make your body more elastic and toned, you will improve your breathing and your fitform and were necessary you will also lose weight.  You will also shape up even the most difficult parts of your body, thanks also to meditation and relaxation that will help you focus better on your goals.  Everyone will have a specific path to follow, according to his/her needs and necessities.  Styleoga begins with the small daily gestures we do and thanks to a nutritional education you will learn how to eat healthy, buy the right foodstuffs and train by listening and understand the needs of your body and mind.

Certifying your profession or company means letting others know how much we care for our profession, our training and advancement or our company.  Styleoga® allows you to be certified but an internationally registered trademark that holds very high quality standards.  The Styleoga® European certificates are divided into Training, coaching & welfare and are credentials of a specific training method according to the field chosen.  Styleoga® offers private certification which gives you a guarantee on its contents.  Nowadays the most important thing is to keep up to date, dedicating time to ourselves and our minds by trying to improve ourselves constantly and  that is what the Styleoga® team does:  constant improvement and update through detailed studies on the most recent issues with the help of professionals and through a continuous evolution.  Discover more

What is Adventure-therapy?

Adventure-therapy is a practice that is very wide-spread in the U.S.A. and puts in contact people with adventure, helping us discover a part of ourselves that is hidden in some of us, in others is too exaggerated, hence dangerous and in others is crushed by daily stress and anxiety.  Through Adventure-Therapy, that is adventurous experiences of natural or sports character one can really undertake a path that leads to get to know oneself better and fulfill our dreams.  Adventure-therapy in nature puts us in direct contact with nature in beautiful uncontaminated areas that allow a total relaxation, right after overcoming all the fear and anxiety we often carry along.

adventure therapy

Adventure-terapy uncovers and underlines THE RESPECT FOR OURSELVES, AND RESPECT FOR OUR PLANS AND DREAMS.  Styleoga® for example offers boot camps, or single days and weekends, where we can dig into our inner selves or into breathtaking adventures (such as extreme sports or trekking), but adventure-therapy is also indicated for those who simply need to get out of the daily routine even just for a few hours or days.

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