marchi di pasta famosi con glifosato e cadmio

Famous pasta brands with cadmium and glyphosate

Famous pasta brands with cadmium and glyphosate.

Famous pasta brands with cadmium, glyphosate and don, all poisons that are intoxicating us little by little and day after day.

And here we are once again with the umpteenth research that leaves us quite shocked.

It seems that nowadays it has really become impossible to go shopping to the supermarket without incurring in food that is cancerous and harmful to our health, but this time it is even worse: The most common food in Italy and in many countries of the world is compromised with cadmium, glyphosate and many other poisons.

Famous pasta brands with cadmium and glyphosate

“Grano Salus” (journal) publishes this research and we talks about famous brands which we choose and consume each and every day.

Lets understand a little bit more and get a little bit more clarity helping us precisely with the test that “Grano Salus” made.  Lets therefore see which are the famous pasta brands with cadmium and glyphosate.

At least two brands, Divella and La Molisana, exceed the limits imposed by law for children on the DON and as if that were not enough the presence of Don, glyphosate and cadmium in spaghetti: Barilla, Voiello, De Cecco, Divella, Garofalo, La Molisana, Coop and Granoro 100% Puglia.

The research uncovers an activity of mixing between foreign grains and national wheat which is absolutely prohibited by Community regulations.

The hard wheats of the South should not introduce these hazardous substances but a very reknowned brand such  as Granoro 100% Puglia (where you tempt the buyer with the words 100% Puglia) presents traces of these contaminants.

At this point unfortunately there was doubt on all the grains recalling that it was precisely for European discipline mixing grains contaminated with grains devoid of contamination in order to obtain matches on average contaminated (even within within legal limits) is absolutely prohibited by the European union.



Don is a toxic compound produced by certain funghi belonging to the genus Fusarium family. When the temperature and humidity are favourable, this fungus produces mycotoxins.

These mycotoxins come in the spinneret of the pasta through the contaminated grain almost always of foreign origin. The Don can be harmful to the human being and also to animals and in fact according to the IARC, Don has been cataloged at the level 2B as a probable carcinogenic substance.


It is one of the most diffused drying herbicides in the world and lately if it is mentioned a lot especially connected to considerable physical disabilities occuring to children born in the countries in which a disproportionate use is made such as for example the increase of serious disabilities in Argentina and South America.

The glyphosate is widely used in pre-harvesting in the USA and Canada in the cultivation of durum wheat in order to foster the artificial ripening, and consequently remains in the harvested grain and flour that derive therefrom.

The European legislation from August 2016 prohibits the use of glyphosate in pre-harvesting for durum wheat, but from the Test done by GranoSalus it reveals the presence of glyphosate in the dough, proving that the operative  prohibition in Italy is bypassed by pasta factories by resorting to mixing with extra-EU contaminated grains.


Cadmium is a heavy metal that is found in the air, soil and water and in a second time, can accumulate in plants and animals. Cadmium is toxic primarily for the kidneys, but can also cause bone demineralization and was classified as carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer


Here at this point a series of curses would be required but i’ll keep them to myself and just explain what happens.

The contaminated grains come from Canada, a country aware of the problem of its products and therefore the ministry of health has banned the use of these substances within its territory, but listen to this, these substances can be exported and indeed a real organization was set up for marketing and selling these products certified as “abnormal” and with health issues hence invading the world’s markets.

At this point I would like to say what nice people they are, but since we must never generalize and since not only he who sells is a crook but also he who buys with the aim of cheating others; at this point the competent authorities should intervene and solve this issue which still remains forbidden in Italy.  Currently the products branded Granoro 100% grains of Puglia, are dealt with by the courts as well as other famous brands and we hope that light and clarifications on this issue will be given.

I hope that I have done a little clarity on the famous brands of pasta with cadmium and glyphosate.

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