come fare dhyana mudra

How to carry out dhyana mudra


How to carry out, what does it mean and what is dhyana mudra!

The Mudras are hand or body positions which have an effect on the energies that flow on the inside, or may also affect certain moods. Mainly they are made with hands and fingers, but the whole body can be part of the mudra itself. Also in the western tradition we have mudras , for example hands joined in christian prayer is a mudra, such as the gesture “Namaste” in Indian greeting (which is also used during prayer), where the hands are held in front of the chest, the palms touching.

The word Mudra literally means “seal”, in the yoga practice we use it as a completion of some asana (positions) and mainly in meditation.

Some mudras are performed spontaneously by many people like the Hakini mudra, where the tips of all the fingers of the right hand touch the tips of the corresponding fingers on the left hand.

The Mudras were in use in the East for thousands of years, in particular in Buddhism. The Buddha statues often have their hands in some mudra.


The Dhyana mudra is the seal of meditation and concentration of literally the Right Thing. Dhyana in Sanskrit indicates meditation. Sometimes it may happen that you want to change the position of the hands, hence this mudra is the second most used by meditation practitioners, also due to its comfort. The two hands are resting on the lower stomach, the right hand on the left with the fingers fully extended, the palms facing upwards; in this way, the hands and fingers form the shape of a triangle, which is the symbol of spiritual fire or Triratna (the three jewels).

This mudra spiritually is the union of the left cerebral hemisphere with the right and facilitates contact between our creative and visionary parts by creating a space of inner calm that favours the necessary focus and concentration to overcome obstacles or stressful situations.


  • Helps the interior calm
  • Soothes anger
  • Dispels negative thoughts
  • Helps concentration

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