ardha sirsasana

How to carry out Ardha Sirsasana


Today we see how to carry out ardha sirsasana or the dolphin pose.

In sanskrit, ardha means “half”, sirsa “head” and asana “position”, for which it is literally translated as “half head pose” and can be written literally as ardha shirshasana.

This position however is also known as “the Dolphin pose”, like a dolphin in the waves.

In other cases it is also called the half head stand pose, since it prepares us for the complete position on the head i.e. SIRSASANA SHIRSHASANA SHIRSASANA OR , as you want to call it.

Many people do this position only as a preparation for the full position on the head, but this is a mistake, because in reality it is a whole position in its own right and deserves all the attention due and also brings many benefits.


Let us look in detail at how to carry out the dolphin pose:

  • Start kneeling down on the mat, place your forearms on the ground and with your hands grab the opposite elbows (this will help you to understand the right distance). Let go of your elbows as they are and join your hands by interlacing your fingers, and place them on the ground.
  • Rest your on the ground, in contact with the hands on the hairline area, between the forehead and the top of the head (You do not need to be on the forehead, but neither on the upper part of the head, but perfectly in the middle).The hands that form a cup fit this part perfectly. By fixing the head to the ground and preventing it from sliding forward. It is important to position well your head on the ground and then not move more during the whole execution of the asana.
  • Now stretch your legs, lifting yourself on the tips of your toes, bringing the buttocks upwards, almost forming a triangle (legs-back-mat).
  • From this position, helping with the breath, approach your toes to your face, trying to bring the vertebral column in a position perpendicular to the ground.
  • Once here breathe slowly and keep the neck and shoulders relaxed. Stay in the position for a few minutes or until you are comfortable.
  •  Bend the knees, placing them back down on the mat and hold the head resting on the ground for a few minutes before lifting it to then return to the starting position.
  • Attention you must not feel any weight on the head or on the neck. (must be avoided if there are problems of cervical nature or if there is an inflammation going on in that area)


We have said that there are many benefits of ardha sirsasana and it is for this reason that it should not only be done as a preparation for sirsasana.

Thus lets see the benefits of ardha sirsasana:

  • Increases the blood flow to the head and in this way the brain cells oxygenate more.
  • It strengthens the muscles of the nape and neck
  • Relaxes the back muscles
  • Gradually realigns the spine
  • If carried out adequately it reinforces the abdominal band

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