We are all looking for the secret passage, the passage which will allow us to live well in a society that is obsessed with money, work, looks, stress and time.  But does this secret passage really exist?  Oh yes it does & it is called US, Listening & understanding ourself & our body.  How can we do this?  First of all we must follow a Healthy Lifestyle, dedicated to Eating well, sports, rest (proper sleep) & by nourishing our mind.  Inside our site you will find all the necessary advice needed to lead a healthy & good life.  Styleoga will reveal all the secrets of a lifestyle that is based on the philosophy of taking care of ourselves, explore & enjoy our life to the full.  Keeping in shape, peace of mind, Handling personal & work related issues, focus on our goals, are all challenges that have to be faced by our body & mind and it is in them that we must trust.

Exploring your full potential & improving your performance in any area (work, family, sports) is possible thanks to a specific type of training.  Through our Stress Management & life Coaching programs you will learn how to get to know yourself better, focus better on your goals & develop your amazing potential.  Through special techniques & specific exercises you will learn how to handle better any type of daily situation be it work or family related.  You will see things from a completely revolutionised point of view and be a winner in any situation.

Styleoga has also made available for anybody who would like to use it, an innovative & proven training method for a healthy body & mind.  Thanks to this natural method using a mix of oriental arts such as yoga & fitness, you will find out how easy it is to keep in shape or lose weight without needing to follow any particular diet, or spending hours in gyms & training.  With this guaranteed method you will experiment specifically aimed exercises deriving from: Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, relaxation & much more, that will make your body more toned, elastic, improve your breathing, your shape & where necessary lose weight.  You will also manage to shape up even the most difficult parts of your body through meditation & relaxation exercises that will help concentrate, focus & reach your goals.  According to your needs & requirements a personalised specific program will be created.  Styleoga starts from the small gestures we do everyday & also thanks to special mealplans you will learn how to eat in a Healthier way, how to buy your groceries & how to train correctly, by listening, understanding and satisfying your body & mind.

Certifying our company or our actual profession, means showing others how much we care about our job, our training, and/or our company.  Styleoga® gives you the possibility to be certified by an international trademark with very high quality standards.  Styleoga® european certification is divided into; training, coaching & welfare & are credentials of a specific training path, according to the field chosen. Styleoga® certification is a private certification system that offers you a guarantee on its contents. Nowadays the most important thing to always be one step ahead is to keep ourselves constantly updated, dedicating time & space to ourselves & our minds always trying to improve & excel in what we do.  This is what we from Styleoga® constantly do:  we offer a constant improvement & study in deep current topics & issues, thanks to our team of experts, professionals & a constant evolution.

Adventure therapy; what is it and how it works?

Adventure therapy is a special program   aimed to manage stress and anxiety of everyday situations. It has become prominent in the United States  and now it is  also arriving  in Europe, thanks to the very popular programs to improve SELF-CONCEPT AND SELF-ESTEEM.

adventure therapy

The real aim of adventure therapy is to guide participants  towards self-reliance and self –respect trough a full immersion in  naturalistic  and/or sports adventures. Adventures in wilderness could be very impressive and very usefull for those who need  to find themselves or just to relax  for a couple of hours or days. Styleoga® proposes boot camps or  daily programs, and you can choose  which is the best for you ,according to your needs( we have for example  extreme sports adventures or trekking paths).

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